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Justin Wayne's Official Product Catalogue

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"It's Quite Simple, We Teach Men How To Be...Men" - Justin Wayne
The Hidden Step-By-Step Formula For Picking Up Beautiful Women!  Romantic Connection Is A General Course That Covers All Areas Of Dating. You'll learn Completely Unheard Tricks For Every Step of The Pick-Up. This Is A Culmination Of The Various Products Below Into One. (Good for Getting Started)
THE most powerful confidence boosting and approach anxiety annihilating concepts discovered this decade are now available for guys like us…without having to approach 10,000 girls... 

An Extraordinary Collection Of Authentic Hidden Camera Pick-Up Videos! This Is For People Who LOVE Live Infield PickUp. This is Our 1 & Only Flagship Infield Product.

Pick-Up Mastery™ Is A Revolutionary Experience Where We Take You Behind The Scenes And Show You Over 100 Hours Of The Best Live Pickups.
Conversation Mastery

After Spending Years As A Street Salesman In NYC, Justin Developed A Conversation Method That Triggers Massive Attraction In Women Within A Short Amount Of Time. 

This Course Gives You What, How, & When To Say Things , From The Approach To Sex. You Will No Longer Run Out Of Things To Say.
Personality Mastery
Personality Enhancement Is One Of The Most Important Components When It Comes To Landing Higher-Quality Women.

This Course Teaches You The Everyday Behavior Required To Make Any Woman Fall In-love With You Much More Consistently

Phone,Text, & Online Mastery

In This Age Of The Smartphone, Social Media, & Online Dating...

Landing Dates With Women Have Become More Competitive Since Even Celebrities Can Direct Message The Same Girl That You Are Pursuing.

 Learn The BEST Ways To Keep Her Interest When You're Not Together & Make Her Want You More
Seduction & Relationship Mastery

The One Thing That Separates Justin Wayne From The Other Coaches Was How He Was Able To Get Beautiful Women So Devoted To Him That They Even Tattooed His Name To Prove Their Loyalty.

We're Not Saying That You Have To Do The Same. However, In This Course You Will Learn How To Get Women Into Relationships On Your Terms. 

This Course Shows Documented Footage & Lessons From The Initial Approach Of These Women To keeping Them In A Relationship. 

Client Gets Hot Girl Devoted!

The MOST Important Question is...
"Will This Work For Regular Guys?"
Jason Meets His Wife From Pick-Up!
Michael Gets His Type - Big Boobs!
Chris Kisses Girl & Talks Game!
Aaron's Shares Adventures!